‘Restrepo’ Nominated

Restrepo‘ was just nominated by the Academy for Best Full-Length Documentary. I loved it; TG hasn’t felt brave enbough to see it yet. I’ll take her to a screening.

You can rent it or stream it from Netflix, and I’m sure other video rentals. See it, please.

It’s certainly a hard watch for a military parent; and a hard watch for almost anyone. But it’s amazing, and the men who it depicts (including MOH winner SSG Giunta) so honestly deserve no less.

Even though the Academy is one of my clients, I seriously didn’t know until this morning when they made the announcements.

3 thoughts on “‘Restrepo’ Nominated”

  1. Yup, it’s been a morning of lots of emails and tears of joy.
    Who would have thought last year, as we were working so hard to get people to pay attention that this would have happened?
    It’s well deserved. Kudos to those who serve.

  2. I watched Frontline’s “The wounded platoon” today, I’ll try to get Restrepo before the end of the weekend. Alot of tests on my desk, so that’s usually worth a couple of documentaries.

  3. Thanks for reminding me that it was up, I thought it was a really great documentary. I’ve watched several of these over the last few years (though I can’t remember their names now), and read several of the recent journalistic books like Generation Kill.

    I really do appreciate that, like Restrepo, that put you in the soldiers boots for a little while. Kudos on your nomination and I’ll be watching for the awards.

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