Small Acts Of Kindness

If you look at the post I did when Biggest Guy deployed, the second photo down shows a young sergeant, his young wife, and a small boy sleeping on their laps.

The young sergeant was James Nolen, killed by an IED on Nov 22, 2009. The young wife was his pregnant wife Rachel, and the young boy her son William.

TG and I have stayed connected to Rachel and watched as she’s dealt with the burdens she faces with grace and strength.

Recently, someone showed her some grace, and writer, friend, and milspouse Kanai Fong writes about it at The Kitchen Dispatch:

People who truly possess a green thumb, usually live life with a full heart. The late SGT James Nolen of the 2/508, 82nd Airborne had one, and anticipated gardening at his house near Ft. Bragg, NC when his deployment ended. His wife Rachel writes:

“When we moved into our new house before James deployed all he could talk about was how much he couldn’t wait to plant trees, have nice gardens, and a beautiful yard. James had a green thumb so there was no doubt that he would have done it. But unfortunately things got so busy before he deployed we never got to begin his gardens.”

I’m going to post the punchline to this story because I want to make sure the name of Gellen Lawn Care gets broadcast far and wide…here’s Rachel:

“This afternoon the nicest thing happened to me. Over the weekend I signed a contract for lawn service with Gellen Lawn Care.
Well, today, Patrick (the owner) came to cut my lawn. He noticed James’ memorial garden. After telling him all about James he thanked me for his sacrifice. Then he gave me back my contract and offered to cut my lawn for free as long as he was in business.
It truly means so much to me that a complete stranger would be so nice. I know James is smiling down from heaven. I’m telling you it’s the little things that mean so such.”

Some things, thankfully, speak for themselves.

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