Is there a word for that yet? Or is it just a pleonasm?
First, and foremost, think good thoughts about this guy, currently in the second week of a coma in the Kern Medical Center. I want to say something like “If everyone who believes in faeries…” and somehow focus all the good thoughts of folks who read this on George.
Big props to that cigar-chompin’ unbent liberal, the Bad Dude himself, Brian Linse. We had our abortive trip to Bakersfield cut short by riots in the Sarge’s GI tract (was that appropriate, or what?), and spend the afternoon and evening downing soda and iced tea (yes, we are manly men…in fact, so manly that when you go here, they are afraid of us…’Your testosterone level is perilously high. Frankly, you scare us!’ It’s OK, I scare myself sometimes). Good time, and thanks again.
Why put those together? because it’s a reminder that the only thing that matters is the people in our lives, our friends, as simple as that may be. Found a new one, and hope like hell to keep one I’ve got.

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