In this week’s New Times L.A., the smart, acerbic and damn good looking Jill Stewart dissects Hahn’s “Save the City” rally and the blind ignorance of Ellay’s powers-that-were to the real forces pushing for secession.
Politics in the Zeros leaves for vacation with this post:

Among the endorsers of the email is Mike Antonovich, member of the powerful L.A. County Board of Supervisors. This is big news, Antonovich is a serious player, can marshal huge resources, and is, to my knowledge, the highest profile politician to date to endorse secession. (Note to those who may be confused, the Valley wants to leave the City of L.A.. Antonovich is a supervisor for the County of L.A. If the Valley leaves the city, it will still, of course, still be in the county).

Think about it.

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