No, you perv, I’m not going to be wearing a frilly apron…
But in the spirit of that comment, I’ve added Dawn Olsen to the blogroll…I actually use my blogroll (and referrer logs) to surf around, so it’s both for my convenience and because I realize that there is Severe Gender Imbalance on the list. I will go practice some Affirmative Action when I add some blogs.
I’m also working on a logo. The ‘Armed’ part is easy, but I’m struggling to give the artist some direction on the ‘liberal’ part. No one would get an Adlai Stevenson caricature. Best I can come up with is this, a picture of a samurai rabbit from a comic series called ‘Usagi Yojimbo’ (note: I’m a huuuge samurai movie fan, but don’t know much about comix; found this searching for cartoons of rabbits in Google). What do folks think??

8 thoughts on “HOUSEKEEPING”

  1. Date: 07/31/2002 00:00:00 AM
    Are rabbits, samurai or otherwise, quintessentially liberal? You have a point about the political caricature… Adlai Stevenson, Jerry Brown, George McGovern, all the obvious candidates would elicit a “huh?”How about crossed pistols superimposed on a pair of Birkenstocks?

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