Ann Salisbury lists all of Gov. “SkyBox” Davis’ accomplishments (it’s a long list).
Bob Morris shows the Gov’s darker side:

Gray Davis, the coin operated governor, Chapter 847
Are there no depths to which Gray Davis will not stoop?
State officials allowed one of California’s largest polluters to increase toxic discharges into San Francisco Bay shortly after the company donated $70,500 to Gov. Gray Davis, a Mercury News investigation has found.

Me, I’m still voting for Gov. LePetomaine. “Think of your secretary, Governor!”

One thought on “ON ONE HAND”

  1. Date: 08/01/2002 00:00:00 AM
    It seems to me that all of Davis’s accomplishments amount to either (a) spending money on favored constituencies (in the face of a colossal budget crisis; or (b) regulating the hell out of business (in the most environmentally regulated state in the union).If you want higher taxes and bigger, more intrusive government, Davis is your man!

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