My hometown…from today’s Daily Breeze:

A Torrance stamp and coin shop dealer shot and wounded a would-be armed robber Thursday, prompting support from neighbors who said the criminal “picked the wrong guy” to hold up.
The 79-year-old owner, reportedly robbed three or four times in the past year, fired one shot at the gunman at 1:50 p.m., hitting him in the hip. The suspected robber, Joshua Edward Reyes, 20, of Torrance was booked at County-USC Medical Center jail ward in Boyle Heights, Torrance police Lt. Patrick Shortall said.

Shortall said the shooting appears to be a “robbery that was interrupted by the victim.” Police will present their reports on the shooting to the District AttorneyÂ’s Office to determine whether the shooting was self-defense.
The shooting was the second time in less than a year that a downtown Torrance business owner fired a gun at a robber.

The crime rate in Torrance (12.7/1000) is 43% of the rate in Los Angeles, and 75% of the rate in Beverly Hills.
“robbery that was interrupted by the victim.” Has kind of a good sound to it.
I have a correspondent who forwards me, using fake email addresses, stories about tragedies involving people hurting others with guns. I know, and we all know, about these because they are well-reported in the press.
In much of the country, stories like this one seldom get reported.
So, mystery correspondent, this one’s for you.

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  1. While the mystery corrspondent will likely write off all such references as Evil Gun-Nut Propaganda, the NRA regularly catalogues such incidents of defensive gun use in their “Armed Citizen” page.

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