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  1. Arnold 2003: Stewart vs. Carroll

    Jill Stewart responds to John Carroll’s slam of her recent criticism of the L.A. Times, incl. an interview with a Times staffer which, if true, just blows the hell out of any pretense of impartiality or fairness during the California recall.

  2. I realise the temptation to join a group blog. You draw on the readers of the entire group. Its’ probably more fun to interact so closely with the other bloggers. And they cover things you miss.
    But i like armed liberal. And i think operating in a group causes one to ‘self censor’ a bit. That and the fact im more interested in your take on things.. rathr than sifting through this group blog. Hopefully you’ll come back to AL soon and fight the addiction.

  3. It seems Tony Snow (Fox News) just mentioned your blog at the end of his show, with regards to an informal review of news articles pro and con Arnie.

  4. You fucking liberals are all the same. Always blaming America for the world’s problems. Your self loathing disgusts me. Why don’t you move to Canada you fucking pacifist.

  5. Scuse me, folks. I just found out that I have a stalker, who seems to think that it would be fun to take my info, and then go around to other blogs and write some nasty crap. This is the third blog that I’ve found today. If there’s a question of who it is, write me, and I’ll let you know. Chances are if it looks like it was written by the 5th grader (i.e. no puncuation) it wasn’t me.
    Also, if the poster has an IP of, it’s a troll who likes to call himself “Ralphy”. I’m betting that it’s either him or his pals.
    In any case, A.L., it wasn’t me. I happen to enjoy reading your stuff.

  6. Hello. I am sorry to tell you that you’re sight has been infested by my stalker. If you do a google search for “jheka” you will see many examples of this particular schmuck posting as “Jheka” on various sights and me clarafying that it is my stalker/troll rather than me posting. The creature in question is a pathetic anti-Semite who goes around to what it thinks are right-wing and pro-Israel sights and posts various offensive dribble in my name. It appears that it is using an AOL account from Northern Virginia. Anyway, please delete any posts that it may have made as either “Jheka” (my internet monicker) or “Eugene Belitsky” (my real
    name) and ban the critter if you are able to do so. Once agin, I am sorry that it has infected your sight with it’s bizarro smear campaign.
    Eugene V. Belitsky
    aka jheka
    aka blitz

  7. What raging dave said. It appears he and I have the same stalker (the first “jheka” message is from said stalker). Armed Liberal: Please check your inbox for a brief explanation. Thanks.

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