BTDT – got the T-shirt

Met some friends at the motorcycle show in Long Beach this morning (what I’m doing instead of blogging). Lots of cool stuff, but the coolest thing was the t-shirt worn by the son of some of our friends, a young man just back from Iraq with the “XXX”th Ordnance Company – Explosive Ordnance Disposal (he actually has a business card with all this on it):

I am a trained bomb disposal expert.
If I am running, try to keep up.

He had some interesting comments on life over there, which will follow over the next few days. But having him home whole and hale is certainly good news to his parents and to us.

4 thoughts on “BTDT – got the T-shirt”

  1. Could you possibly ask him where he got that t-shirt? And if it is possible to get one to me before the 24th of this month? (I’ll send check/moneyorder/paypal, and blatant grovelling, as necessary.)

    My Dad was in that field in WWII and I can’t imagine anything he’d enjoy more as a Christmas present than that t-shirt.

    Someday, I’ve got to write out his stories about dragging (disarmed) bombs down the roads in France and the reactions of the locals. They didn’t have enoough trucks to hold the bombs so they just ran chains around the bombs and dragged them. Imagine jeeps jouncing down the roads with bombs bouncing along behind…

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