The pomo idiot below has an English buddy…and Lileks rips him a new one.
This reminds me…
When I was a mere sprout, given to organizing demonstrations aginst the Invasion of Cambodia and suchlike, I was invited to join fellow upper-middle-class radical sprouts in ‘organizing’ poor black kids at a youth center in Will Rodgers Park in South-Central L.A.
I spent some time down there, realized that I was a pathetic loser at hoops and futball, but managed to talk to a fair number of the kids and their folks as I helped them with homework. And quickly realized that the only ones pushing for the big R were the middle-class white kids from UCLA. The folks we were talking to … the poor folks … wanted a job at the GM plant in Van Nuys, a house with a fence in a safe neighborhood, and good enough schools that their kids could go to college and become arrogant clowns like we were.
Just a thought.

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