Barbra Streisand faxes Dick ‘Gebhart’ (Adobe Acrobat required). Look, she’s as entitled to her opinions as anyone else…in this era, more so since she can raise $10 million in a night easily if she wanted to…it’s the majestic tone of the memo that just makes me giggle. Her political assistant writes:

As you know, Barbra Streisand is busy in rehearsals for the performance she’s giving on Sunday for the DCCC, so she asked me convey to you her feeling that it is time for the Democrats to get off the defensive and go on the offensive.

If you want to know where the Democrats hear their master’s (or mistresses’) voice…
SkyBox all the way.

4 thoughts on “I’M SPEECHLESS”

  1. Date: 09/28/2002 00:00:00 AM
    Hollywood people have lots of assistants. No surprise there. I once met a guy who was Steve Allen’s HEAD go-fer.As for Barbra asking the Dems to wake up, I think they should.

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