We’re back, after a snap 3-day camping and kayaking trip to Catalina with the Littlest Guy and two other couples with similar-aged kind. You wouldn’t _believe_ how much [stuff] you have to take when you’re wrangling kids…beautiful, beautiful weekend. I’ll get caught up and comment on the comments and events later, along with an explanation of the intent of the ‘thought experiment’ below.

One thought on “AFTER A BRIEF BREAK…”

  1. Date: 10/08/2002 00:00:00 AM
    How much stuff?I have two girls that are 17 months old. The amount of support gear I am dragging just to go see the granparents has made me give up ideas of going camping.But… it’s getting better each month. Now if only they would learn how to walk long distances and not wander into danger…

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