Self-making arguments

A while ago, I did a post on Armed Liberal called BOYCOTT FRANCE?? MAIS OUAIS!!; this was in response to the anti-Semitic comments from members of the French government, and the casual attitude of the French (at the time) toward anti-Semitic acts of violence and vandalism.

It’s been getting Googled a lot lately, for some reason, and I managed to annoy a couple of French commentators.

One in particular managed to make my point for me:

just checked your comments on WoC…
You’re obviously a dangerous extreme right fascist jew… I don’t talk to assassins like you.
Adieu, pauvre tache.

Posted by: La Djoolasse on February 19, 2003 04:26 PM

I replied:


Hey D’joulesse…thanks for making my point!

Just some facts to clarify things. I’m not Jewish. I lived in Paris for over a year, probably spent another year there over the next ten years, and spent a significant amount of time taking the RER into ‘les bains'; I was studing l’urbanisme at the time.

I’ll let my comment about connerie stand.


Posted by: Armed Liberal on February 19, 2003 04:52 PM

ly, I don’t blame all the French; I’ve met foolish people from the U.S.A as well. But I’ll note that one of the telling blows he struck was to call me a Jew…

…so no Michelin tires tonight, we’re buying Pirellis for the minivan instead.

[Update: a new comment from France:

What is nice with us, French people, is that we cannot think and write at the same time.

Bravo La Djoulasse !
You dare utter racist insults “dangerous extreme right fascist jew” and at the same time write “That doesn’t mean the all country is anti-Semite” ?

Explain the contradiction or should we understand that you think that a good jew is a dead jew? It is a very popular feeling among your friends in the “banlieues” today.

By the way I live in “St Denis” and the synagogue next door has been fire bombed twice in the last 4 months. Stop smoking “Le Monde” and open your eyes ! if you want to …

“There is no blinder person that the one who does not open his eyes to look!”

Posted by Jean Claude at February 20, 2003 12:31 AM

Thanks, Jean-Claude; I don’t doubt the fundamental decency and sense of the individual French citoyen, and I’m grateful to France for more than my two half-French sons.]

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