Iranian Blog Status?

Here’s a report on Potestas that Iranian blogs and websites are being blocked.

the main reformists websites are still blocked.if the reformist want to continute the battle for democracy they should pay more attention to internet and cyber space.they should use the coming months in parliment and prepare the enough laws for filtering.they should not lose this chance again.they also can impeach the ICT minister for blocking hundreds of political websites and weblogs.
i think what we need is some serious international action regarding the filtering.a report like what harvard berkman institute prepared for china can be the first step toward this issue.
ben edelman and colleagues at harvard listen our voice and be quick.

Browsing around the few that I know, I’m seeing no 2/20 posts; that certainly not definitive and my Iranian reformer blog list is uncertain.

Anyone know more about this, one way or the other?

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