Our Phoney-Baloney Jobs

Instapundit carries a Washington Post story on a Democratic representative’s anti-Semitic meltdown:

By Spencer S. Hsu
Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, March 10, 2003; 3:22 PM

Jewish organizations condemned Rep. James P. Moran Jr. (D-Va.) today for delivering what they said were anti-Semitic remarks at an anti-war forum in Reston, in which he suggested that American Jews are responsible for pushing the country to war with Iraq and that Jewish leaders could prevent war if they wanted…

Hey, isn’t this this guy?:


CTD…From today’s NY Times

The bill, which has been vigorously opposed by consumer-rights groups, had long been the top legislative priority of credit card companies and some banks, which insist that many debtors abuse the bankruptcy laws to escape debts they should be able to pay. The companies sharply stepped up campaign contributions to members of Congress in recent years as they promoted the legislation.

Among the biggest beneficiaries would be the MBNA Corporation of Delaware, which describes itself as the world’s biggest independent credit card company. Ranked by employee donations, MBNA was the largest corporate contributor to President Bush’s 2000 campaign.

The company has also recently acknowledged that it gave a $447,000 debt-consolidation loan on what critics viewed as highly favorable terms to a crucial House supporter of the bill only four days before he signed on as a lead sponsor of the legislation in 1998. Both MBNA and the lawmaker, Representative James P. Moran Jr., Democrat of Virginia, have denied that there was anything improper about the loan.

I’m too disgusted to comment.

Posted by Armed Liberal at 09:27 AM

I love this guy!! He’s better than Governor LePetomaine! (and you have to know your French vaudeville history to get that character’s name)

11 thoughts on “Our Phoney-Baloney Jobs”

  1. I must confess to being completely puzzled by this title.

    On to Moran… here’s one from the WP article to make you even prouder:

    “Moran’s relationship with pro-Israel organizations and American Jewish leaders has steadily worsened in recent years over his pro-Palestinian stands in the Middle East conflict, interpretation of Israeli history and acceptance of campaign cash from individuals sympathetic to the terrorist organization Hamas or under investigation for terrorist ties.”

    Lovely. Don’t think he’ll be missed if his constituents send him home next time.

  2. Thanks to the extra-thick crayon used to redraw the lines, I’m now in this idiot’s district. I didn’t vote for him November, and I’ll likely not do it ever.

  3. Fellow chatroom folks: While we’re waiting on the outcome about the issue of the military kids go to http://www.google.com and log on to the Maine Teachers Website, click on the posting “Outrageous” and read the first paragraph “A speech instructor at Citrus College has been placed on administrative leave after students complained that she told them they could earn extra credit by writing to President Bush to protest a possible war with Iraq, a college official said Friday. Read the rest of the story.

  4. Maine teachers tick me off. the few that have spoken to children and said that their parents were imoral for going to war (these are reservist’s children) one teacher actualy told a kindergardener that it is probably good that his parent is over there becasue he will most likley die.

    those teachers need to have their certificats striped from them and should be brought up on child abuse charges…..

    as to this fellow, I cannot believe this. is the man stupid? he sounds like David Duke.

  5. I am sending the letter below to anyone who will listen – feel free to pass it on, I have contacted several local radio stations, and intend on contacting television stations and newspapers as well. I am interested in being heard.

    I am a military wife. My husband has been deployed overseas for four months now, with an unknown date of return. I am raising 3 children, ages 10, 4, and 2. I am writing this letter on their behalf. We are all proud of my husband. My children know he is doing his part to keep this country safe. They miss their daddy terribly, but they understand that he is doing the right thing.

    I must say I am unspeakably appalled at some of these war protesters. I understand that everybody has the right to their opinion, and that men and women have fought and died to give them the right to express that same opinion. Although I do not agree with their way of thinking, I acknowledge it is their way. My problem with an increasing number of these “we want peace” people is the way they are directing their not so peaceful attitude towards innocent children.

    I watched a news story about military members being deployed, and while they were saying their goodbyes to their wives and children, protesters were in the background having their say. They will have their say, no matter how inappropriate the time. Here you have a woman, saying goodbye to her husband, not knowing how long it will be before she sees him again, not knowing if she will ever see him again. Here is a small child, who doesn’t understand why, but knows her daddy is leaving and is saying goodbye in the final moments before he walks away to do his duty for his country. And in the background, you have protesters screaming about how they don’t agree with this war, protesting against men and women that are fighting for them as well as everyone else in the country, soldiers who know they may die, and they would die for the protesters as well as the supporters, without prejudice, because that is who they are, and America is who they are fighting for.

    These protesters do not demonstrate peace. They do not stop to think about how what they say may affect a child who is already in tears because their mom or dad is leaving. They do not care about the circumstances, or whom they hurt in the process. They only care about being heard by anybody who will listen. There is a right way and a wrong way to demonstrate and to voice your opinion. There is a time and a place to do this as well. These people do not understand basic human respect, basic morals.

    Another example, among the many is the teacher who gave her opinion on the war in class, harassing a 7 year old surrounded by his peers, who was already dealing with the temporary loss of a parent. A teacher who has failed in being a teacher, who has failed that child, the moment she tried to make him feel bad about what his father was doing for this country.

    To all of you protesters of this war – I will now give my personal opinion, because I am entitled to it and I thank the men and women who have fought and died to give me that freedom, and the men and women who continue to fight and die to protect that freedom:

    I am proud that my husband is a part of this war on terror. I have the utmost respect for him as a soldier, and as a man.

    I would estimate that at least half of these war protesters were livid and verbal about not knowing anything in advance regarding the extreme tragedy of September 11, 2001. Now that our President is trying to prevent future terrorist acts, these same people are protesting the way he is doing it.

    It makes me absolutely sick to know that my husband is overseas, being fired upon, seeing death in more than one familiar face, performing humanitarian missions to underprivileged children who don’t have electricity and are malnourished, bringing them food and ink pens (because they love those), risking his life to help a child, all the while reading in the news about how the protesters feel about the military. My husband – a soldier – is doing more good than most of these “war protesters” will ever do in their lives.

    I am outraged at the audacity of these people; I am heartbroken to see what it does to children, especially the children of the military men and women. Instead of teaching the children of America to be proud Americans, and instead of teaching good citizenship skills to them, we are showing them how insensitive this world really is. And that is being done by the “anti-war, pro-peace” people who are so verbally and irrationally protesting this war, without regard to anyone.

  6. Well at least this idiot puts paid to the screaching that the mainstream left in Europe is anti-semitic but the American left is better than that! Haha, I hope they hound this bastard out of office.

    PS: The teacher thing in Vermont a whole mess of teachers encouraged their students to go on the Books not Bombs protest. When a parent tried to find out who was behind the walkthough he was arrested for trespassing!

  7. Military wife: You got my support. I too already have sent letters to newspapers, TV stations, and also the Army Times. These individuals make me sick. To protest over here is bad enough, but because of our soldiers who fight for their freedom they’ve that right, but to go to Iraq and kiss up to this dictator that is way over the top. Not ONE of them I saw on TV in Irq was holding up a sign saying “Saddam disarm” oh no, because they know damn well of the consequences. The human shields wanted to go to hospitals, but the butcher of Baghdad wanted them in front of oil fields and they packed their bags, and practically ran I saw their stupid disappointed smirks on their faces. Can’t they see that Saddam doesn’t give a damn about them? They ran because hell’s kitchen got to hot for them, but they should realize that our soldiers will fight in this hell’s kitchen no matter for how long even when the temperature there will reach 120 degrees, and even in sand storms.

    My husband is retired Army. I’ve been in your shoes when he went to Viet Nam. We women are strong, we’ve to hold the family together while our husbands serve and fight. Remember “Army wife/ military wife is the toughest job in the Army/Military”. I can tell by the way you write that you don’t take no crap, I’m the same way. When it comes to mentally abusing children, especially military children who have enough hardship I pull all the stops.

  8. military wife: About these protesters some of them are so fanatic that they invade peoples privacy.

    Let me tell you what happened to me one time. I wrote a letter about protesters, the military (supporting the military of course)to our local newspaper, and their policy is after giving them the whole nine yards of your identidy they in return will print your full first and last name, your city and zip code. In other words no “name withheld”, no appreviations etc. Our last name is not very common, and even though I signed with my first name, but our phone# is listed with my husband’s first name, and since our last name is not very common in the city we live in, and only our last name is listed in the phonebook for this zip code area some “coward” managed to look me/us up in the phonebook, and left a very threatening message on our answering machine. Of course he left no name, and the phone he called from was “not tracable”. This message was so threatening that I admit I was looking over my shoulder for at least about a week when leaving our house and going to my car.

    I immediately called the police, and the phone company. The police: there is really nothing we can do about this, call us back if it happens again. I wanted to play the message over the phone for them to hear, but they were not interested. We live in a big city with homicides going down at least every other day, and drug crimes etc. IF the police does come out for other than the mentioned above you’ve to wait forever. Somebody slammed into my parked car in front of our house one day, and it took the police one hour and twenty minutes to come out for the report, I was told I was #75 on their list for this particular crime.

    The phone company: I asked if they could trace that “untracable” call. I was told “sorry there is nothing we can do”. I guarentee you had that been a major hit going down or a major drug crime that phone company would’ve had no problem tracing that “untracable” call.

    Military wife: I stay anonymous, and don’t give details of this very threatening message just in case with my luck this “coward” logs on to this site, and reads the e-mails, but I come out this much to tell you this since you’re alone with your 3 children while your husband is serving our country be careful. These protesters think they’re the only ones who are entitled to free speech, but when it comes to the point to invade somebody’s privacy, and with very threatening messages I think that is where the “freedom of speech stops”, and threatening phone calls like that should be investigated, and not brushed off by the police, and the phone company. I should’ve listened to my husband because he told me “you’re wasting your time neither the police nor the phone company will do a thing at least not in this city”.

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