Put Me In, Coach!!

Only TWO bids!! The shame. The loss of face. I can’t stand it.

[Updated Update: Forget the whole thing. It closes Thursday at midnight Pacific (GMT -0800).]

OK, I can’t stand it any more.

I’ve been a worker bee for Spirit of America for a while, but haven’t been a part of the recent blog frenzy to raise money for them. And I feel…lonely. Left out. Like I’m on the bench during the Big Game. They’re so close to the $50,000 mark.

Well, put me in, Coach!!

Since I alwys root for the underdogs, we’re going to join the Liberty Alliance.

I’m sure Joe (and Jan) will chime in with their own ideas, but I’m going to auction off one of each of these items:

* A genuine ‘Armed Liberal’ mousepad, in your choice of Deep Green or Red White And Blue;

* A genuine ‘Armed Liberal’ t-shirt, in your choice of Deep Green or Red White And Blue;

* Lunch or Dinner at a Favorite Dive With Armed Liberal and Tenacious G!! Yes, if you are in the Los Angeles area, and willing to eat at one of the following divine restaurants: The Pit BBQ, Zankou Chicken, Gallo’s Grill, Tacos Delta, The Shack, or Riviera Mexican Grill (nondisclosure required. see my post here for more details).

* A Day At The Range With Armed Liberal!! Yes, nimrod or Nimrod (the great Biblical hunter), I’ll take you to the range, provide safety gear, weapons, ammo, range fees, and – if you want it or not – instruction. (nondisclosure required.)

* A full package, including all of the above!!

Bids are in the comments below; I’ll pick up all shipping on the goods, you’re responsible for all damaged sensibilities. Please note which item you’re bidding on…

Joe?? Jan?? Step up, step up…

* JK: Baseball game in Toronto’s Skydome with Joe. Skyclub 200 level (padded seats) right behind home plate. 2 seats for auction x 2 games available = 4 tickets. Face value = $54 per.

27 thoughts on “Put Me In, Coach!!”

  1. A.L.,

    Just for clarification – is there an precise end date for the bidding, so we’ll have an idea when to send in the contribution to SoA? Friday midnight, or earlier?

    Also, you want bid amounts w/item being bidded on here in the comments, right?

    If I’m misunderstanding, please elaborate. Thanks.

  2. tagryn:

    Yes, please post bids here on the site.

    I just checked with Jim Hake, and bidding actually was extended to 12 noon PST tomorrow on the actual SoA site.

    I’ll still run this a little past then, until Friday midnight. Since I can talk to the people doing the math at SoA, I’ll figure out how to balance the contribuitions.


  3. That’s the same reason I joined the Liberty Alliance — to help the underdog!

    See, some of us conservatives are concerned about the downtrodden too . . .

  4. I guess that would explain my ongoing support for the Blue Jays, Patterico. Still, a club with this kind of offensive punch won’t be held down for long,

  5. I get paid tonight count me in. ;-0

    Handy thing, there is a ATM in my plant and computer access.

    Up the underdogs!

  6. (Hmm….’bout 10 minutes to go in auction.)

    Patterico…so what’s wrong with these premises?

    I confess to donating $51.00 to the army guy (Castle Aarrgghh) but I wasn’t aware this blog was an exclusive hangout for Liberals which is why I also donated here.

    These folks run a good ship and I’m not especially fond of either Liberals or Conservatives. I do Lessig, Raymond, Lileks, Sullivan, Reynolds, Catalano, Darling, and of course A.L:., as well as a few others, on a regular basis.

    And I’m an Armed Something so don’t knock one of my favorite blogs. ;)

  7. I agree, the “forget the whole thing” was vague, though I assumed A.L. was referring to the previous updates (no longer visible) which referred to confusion about when the SoA drive ended. I don’t think he meant the auction itself was off, since the “two bids” comment & Joe’s contribution of the Toronto game item both came after “FTWT”.

    I further am assuming, per A.L.’s comment of April 29, 2004 06:14 AM, that the auction is still open until midnight Friday. If this is not the case A.L. (or if the auction is off totally), please clarify. Thanks.

    The bids as I think they stand right now:

    Mousepad: $51 (Steve)
    T-Shirt: $10 (me)
    Dinner @ LA: $40 (me)
    Day at the Range: $100 (Gerard Van der Leun)
    All of the above: no bids yet
    Toronto baseball game: no bids yet

    If I missed or misunderstood someone’s bid, please correct me.

  8. No fair tagryn! Bidding ended last night at midnite PDT. I shall not be cheated out of my mousepad!

    Possibly given all the confusion we should start our own war as a distraction??? ;)


  9. OK, OK, everybody (who bid) gets a mousepad. Plus Tagryn gets a trip to the range as well as a meal.

    Go ahead and make the donations to SoA, send me an email with an address and a copy of the emil you got back, and you’re in bizness, as they say.


  10. Example: I’ll put up $61.00 for an A.L. t-shirt, general or specific choice of project by A.L., to Spirit of America.

    What about a new “Break the Winds of Change Bloggers’ Budgets” contest? Contributions of merchandise by Liberals, Conservatives, Libertarians and the generally confused all welcome?


    Celeste Bilby, Dan Darling, or anyone else have any blog merchandise they’d like to put up? (over stock in size small t-shirts, propeller head caps that haven’t sold, Nader for Prez in 2000 campaign buttons, etc.?) ;)

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