Step Away From The Keyboard And Nobody Gets Hurt

You may have noticed that my posting has been light in the past week. Some of you may even find that a good thing … <g>

But, as happens with bloggers sometimes, things in my material life have changed, and those changes – which are all good, and in fact even more than good – mean that I need to take a break from blogging for a while.

I have an opportunity to work on a project that is too interesting and challenging to pass up. I expect it to be fairly all-consuming, which means I’ll have less time than I do now. And because it is peripherally in the public sphere, I need to think carefully about how it would interact with what I write for my own amusement and education here.

I may be back in a week or so. I may just toss something out once a month or so. I may even see if I can merge my real and electronic selves. I may not. Don’t know yet.

Thanks to everyone who has participated in these discussions; thanks especially to those who disagreed and made me think and study harder, and sometimes even change my mind. Keep it up while I’m gone. And, as I usually ask:

Please don’t kill anyone or blow anything up while I’m away.

14 thoughts on “Step Away From The Keyboard And Nobody Gets Hurt”

  1. Good luck on the project. You’re one of the few liberals who can conduct a rational debate, so your absence will be met with regret.

  2. Good Luck, A.L.!

    Return soon.

    Keep us posted on what so “interesting” in your project. Inquiring minds want to know. ;-)

    As for the “Please don’t kill anyone or blow anything up while I’m away” admonishment. The only thing I ever “blow up” are balloons and killing is so final. Best to let them suffer with drawn out discussions. . .;-)

  3. . . . more than good . . .


    . . . those who disagreed . . .

    Ah well, you were always worth disagreeing with.

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