Living In The Past

Was in the car, so I listened to the convention for a while, and heard Teddy Kennedy’s speech. The coals of his oratory are pretty well banked at this point, and the rambling, discursive speech lacked the punch I know it meant to have.

But one of his three big applause lines tonight was this:

When the voices of many citizens went unheard and their lives were blighted by bigotry, we fought for equality and justice ­for civil rights and voting rights and the rights of women, for the cause of Americans with disabilities.

A few months ago I wrote this:

Rhetorically, what I’d like to say is that “While the GOP sells a past that never was, the Democrats sell a future that will never be.” But that’s not the case.

The Democrats, like the Republicans, are living in the past. They have a slight edge, in that the past they are living in – Selma in 1965 – is real. But like the aging high school baseball star, they see everything through the lens of the One Big Game, of the time years ago when they stood at the plate swung away and hit one over the fence.

Heh, as they say.

4 thoughts on “Living In The Past”

  1. That would be your wealth that they are so keen on redistributing. Politics is a different game when all you have to do to make a million a year is be alive on January 1.

  2. I live in Illinois. We know Obama a little better here. He is not the future of anything.

    You should read Obama’s Campaign Platform.

    He is an Old Guard Communist. The economics guys at the University of Chicago never got to him evidently.

    There is no future for communist economics. All the smart communists are giving it up. That would make Obama a stupid communist. Such a shame for such a smart guy. And a lawyer too.

    My estimate: Like his predecessor Braun (who had a few good points but was also basically a communist) a flash in the pan.

    In Illinois we like our leftys and RINOs (I’m partial to the RINOs). Now the communists from time to time put one over on the electorate, however we are not that far left and they don’t last. Stealth candidates on the right have the same problem.

    The future of politics in America is the middle. The Democrats at this point are too far left. The Republicans are dying for a purge. It will
    be interesting to see where this all leads. My guess is that the Dems will die before 2 Nov and the Republicans will die after.

    I believe the Congressional elections of 2006 will be the most interesting in a very long time.

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