Good News on a Friday – Moran Steps Down As Asst. Whip


Moran steps down from leadership post
Lawmaker under fire for saying Jews push war with Iraq

Rep. Jim Moran: “I will strive to learn from my mistakes.”

WASHINGTON (CNN) — Harshly criticized for saying pressure from the Jewish community was driving the push toward a possible war against Iraq, Rep. James Moran stepped down Friday as a House Democratic regional whip.

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi of California issued a statement indicating she left Moran, D-Virginia, with little choice but to give up his leadership post.

“I have taken this action because Congressman Moran’s irresponsible remarks were a serious mistake,” Pelosi said in a statement. “As I said earlier this week, his comments were not only inappropriate, they were offensive and have no place in the Democratic Party.”

Here’s one where the mainstream press was ahead of the liberal blogosphere; something I’ll dig into and comment upon at some point.

I’ll also comment that he surrendered his least-significant role, and that he’s retained his committee positions in the Appropriations and Budget committees.

I don’t think the bloggers covered themselves in glory on this one.

7 thoughts on “Good News on a Friday – Moran Steps Down As Asst. Whip”

  1. It is rather interesting to note the Lott/Moran differences.

    My sense is that, as blogs certainly seem to lean right, the ‘sphere felt that this was an issue for Democrats to handle, and while we would be prepared to judge down the road, the whole thing only lasted a couple days so no real steam got formed.

    But also, given priorities today, I think we all just felt it was a minor story of little consequence. (Anti-Semitism is creeping Left? And?) But Lott, on the other hand, was a knife pressed, if not to our throats, let’s say our leg. He wouldn’t have killed us, but he would have crippled us, we all saw that, earlier than the Democrats, notably, and we reacted. Quite gallantly, I might add.

  2. Jeez, A.L., you’d complain if you were hanged with a new rope :)

    Seriously, to keep it in perspective — the affair lasted almost no time compared to the Lott drama. How long did it take the LA Times to jump on Lott, anyway? Maybe Atrios wasn’t as passionate as Insty (and I’d forgotten how incensed Insty was at the time) but whatever you want to make of what was said, what was said *did* include the statement that he should be dumped.

    I did write to Pelosi, by the way. I said some stuff to her that probably wouldn’t go over very well on such a right-leaning ‘blog, but I also expressed my concerns with Moran. I don’t know if she gave a rat’s ass, given my location in Northern Illinois, far outside her district, but I got an automated response that said my views were noted, so maybe I helped.

  3. Phillip:

    Well, unless it were a silk rope…

    …glad you wrote, I did too (in my meatspace persona) and hopefully some others did too, and it made some difference.

    I’d just have liked to see my fellow lefties jump on this with half the vigah they used on Lott…


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