Do I get Brownies and Fritos At Work?

The Marijuana Policy Project is looking for technology staff:

Application deadline: September 20, 2004. The Information Technology Coordinator position is based in MPP’s main office in Washington, D.C. The position requires the ability to perform exceptionally in a fast-paced campaign environment. First and foremost, the Information Technology Coordinator must be meticulous and have an exacting attention to detail. Applicants for this position should not have even small degrees of sloppiness or forgetfulness.

(emphasis added)

Sorry, the jokes are just too damn obvious. I can’t bring myself to make them. But you should feel free…

8 thoughts on “Do I get Brownies and Fritos At Work?”

  1. I think it’s funnier that they’re only paying $35,000 for the job. For all that, in the DC market, they’re going to have to pay more for the person that they say they want. Unless it comes with an obvious fringe benefit, of course.

  2. [snicker] would the “fringe benefit” in question be the largest snack machine ever built for when that inevitable “case of the munchies” hits?

  3. It would be rather interesting to know what the actual position was. I wouldn’t be surprised if there weren’t a certain amount of title inflation involved here. Commonplace in DC, no? That title could apply to anyone from a clerk-typist with documentation/librarian responsibilities to the CIO. My real question is is it a position with fiduciary responsibility? Does that level of pay reflect someone you trust?

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