The Day of the War

Apologies for not following up on the two open series; Iraq and Risk. I’ve been under the weather (self-inflicted damage from not reading the instructions on a prescription bottle), and more, events have kind of moved past the issues I’ve been talking about.

I’m going back over the criticism of Bush’s handling of ‘selling’ the war, and turning it into my suggestions for the kind of long-term actions that will make this war have been worth winning.

And I was focusing the ‘Risk in Politics’ piece on Bush and his decision to go to war; it will certainly need to be updated.

But most of all, today, I want to send my own best wishes out to the men and women from our military and the U.K.’s and Australia’s, and whoever else is marching, riding, or flying alongside them. Be brave, be honorable, be careful, be successful; come home to us safe and proud.

Thank you all for defending us all.

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