Tools for Iraqis

One of the neatest projects Spirit of America has done is the ‘tools project’ in which they provided tool belts to the graduates of the construction training program run by the Seabees.

Well, one of the graduating classes was covered by CNN, and it gives me a lot of pleasure to see that the tools mattered to the Iraqis who received them.

More Iraqi tradesmen are taking the classes, and more tools are needed. It doesn’t take much, and at the end of the day it will mean a lot.

One thought on “Tools for Iraqis”

  1. Don’t just sit there “supporting our soldiers” in word but not action. Do something. Go to this site, view the video, and donate!

    We gave one of those workers one of those toolkits and it feels great. Still, it’s a pittance compared to what so many of our American soldiers and their families give.

    Support those people in Iraq who prefer building something rather than bombing something. Pry open your wallet. Do it.

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