Build Freedom, One Blog At A Time

Spirit of America is launching a new service that will provide easy-to-use blogging tools translated into Arabic, along with free hosting. It’s the first in a series of projects they say they want to do to open the doors to democracy in Iraq and elsewhere, by allowing average men and women to be heard.

It’s a great project, and we’re proud to be a part of a friendly competition among blogs to raise the funds to support it.

So click here to donate, or if you have a blog of your own, click here to join our team.

Tim Oren and I have both talked a lot about the impacts of citizen’s media. Let’s promote some citizen’s media that builds freedom by letting Iraqis have their own voices.

2 thoughts on “Build Freedom, One Blog At A Time”

  1. My cunning plan as part of the great Australian Conspiracy To Take Over The World is to join this “Spirit of America” and infiltrate.
    After all, WoC is Canadian….

    I urge all Brits, Aussies, and for that matter, Patagonians to join too. Sorry, for us donations aren’t tax deductible, but what the heck.

    Second the request for a button.

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