Thanksgiving Thoughts

Just a word to everyone out there in the blogosphere: co-bloggers here at WoC, writers on other blogs, readers, commenters and all. I am most of all thankful for the well-being my family this Thanksgiving, as I imagine we all are.

But I’m also thankful for this community, and for what it means for our future together and our children’s future.

Don’t eat too much, don’t drink and drive, don’t splash in puddles, wear your galoshes, and today of all days – especially – find something nice to say about everyone. Like it or not, we’re all in this together.

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Thoughts”

  1. Best wishes to you and yours for this Holiday Season.

    One thing I might add is to try and to give or give assistance to the people in our country who for whatever reason need help.

    I am going to help cook (God help everyone) this afternoon at one of the local shelters.

    Its not much, but at my age and financial situation its the best I can do.

    Thanks for your blog and the window into your life.

    This is my Post

    Papa Ray
    West Texas

  2. Well as a recent recruit to the serried ranks of the pyjamhadeen, I now have a dilemma. Should I be tucking my jamas into my galoshes? I’m struggling with the dress code, but not the general sentiment. Best wishes to all who count their blessings today.

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