The Coalition Of The Murderous And Suicidal

It’s interesting that no one in the blogs has picked up on this tidbit from the New York Times on the Baghdad booby-trap. Take a look at these quotes and see if you can pick out the interesting fact.

In the Baghdad blast on Tuesday night, the American military said its experts believed that some 1,750 pounds of explosives were used.

The force of the blast lifted one police car into the air and slammed it into a nearby home, said Marwan Yousif, a laborer, who lives in the neighborhood. “I saw many bodies scattered on the ground,” Mr. Yousif said. Neighbors had grown suspicious of the occupants of the house, who had many late-night visitors, he added.

The attackers used two subterfuges to set the trap for the police, Iraqi officials said. A Sudanese who lived in the house began firing a semi-automatic weapon at people in the neighborhood, leading neighbors to call police to the scene, a spokesman for the Interior Ministry said. “He was on the roof shooting at people randomly,” the spokesman said.

The Interior Ministry spokesman said that just as police approached the home, “the terrorists exploded the house, which was loaded with a giant amount of explosives.” The initial police investigation has found evidence that car bombs were being manufactured in the house, the Iraqi major said. He said the police regretted not detaining the two bearded men, who officials now believe were part of the trap. The police recovered remains of the Sudanese who lived at the house, he added.

Anything leap to your attention?

We are fighting a regional enemy.

7 thoughts on “The Coalition Of The Murderous And Suicidal”

  1. So do we invade ALL of the countries of the “region”? And with what army? Your “revelation” is part and parcel of the inane refusal to acknowledge that “fighting terrorism” is a matter that is different in kind from knocking over governments we don’t like with military force.

    The former we have not figured out yet, the latter has merely given terrorists the greater scope of a country in anarchy to hide in and more convenient targets to attack.

  2. Joseph Marshall – The Sudanese government has been working with Saudi-sponsored al Qaeda for many years.

    According to The Washington Post, in 2002, Al Qaeda and the Taliban moved large amounts of gold from Afganistan to the Sudan, transiting through other Islamist nations like Iran:

    “European and U.S. intelligence officials said the movement of gold also highlighted three significant developments in the war on terrorism: the growing role of Iranian intelligence units allied with the country’s hard-line clerics in protecting and aiding al Qaeda; the potential reemergence of Sudan as a financial center for the organization; and the ability of the terrorist group to generate new sources of revenue despite the global crackdown on its finances.”

    Like Saudi Arabia and Iran, the Sudanese government follows the strictest interpretation of Islamic law. As a result, slavery is widely practiced in the country, and genocide/ethnic cleansing and religious and sexual apartheid is the law. Like Saudi Arabia and Iran, it seems that the Sudan is also supplying Iraq with foreign fighters.

    Yes, the Sudanese government is one that we ‘don’t like’, for many good reasons. Do you ‘like’ this pro-slavery & pro-genocide government? Do you think they should stay in power?

    If you believe that pro-slavery and pro-genocide terror-supporting governments should not stay in power, what do you think would be the best way of dealing with them?

  3. You know, I don’t actually doubt that we are fighting a regional enemy, or are at least headed in that direction.

    But — an anecdotal report of one single Sudanese guy in a house in Baghdad is you standard of proof for this fact? That’s pretty weak, I have to say.

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