Department Of “Huh?”

Hoder blogs some US domain regstrars/hosts telling Iranian bloggers that they need to shut their sites down.

This is confusing at best and stupid mostly.

Go check it out and help me investigate this more; once we have some idea what’s up we can formulate a response.

2 thoughts on “Department Of “Huh?””

  1. I looked into the webhost in question. The Planet, at, is based in Texas and is venture-capital funded. It seems well-managed, so there is some reason for their decision. Perhaps they have evidence that some of their sites were advancing terrorism, and being a private company, they took private action.

    Hoder seems to think President Bush conspiratorially dictates the operational decisions of individual companies.

  2. According to VentureSource, ThePlanet received two rounds totalling about $3m back in 2000, with nothing since. The small Texas VC that backed them is now listed as ‘inactive’. Implication: The company is cash flow positive, and management is in control, not the investors.

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