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Gunner Palace, a documentary about the troops is premiering on March 4 around the country (sadly, not in L.A. yet). Check out the trailer, and if it’s playing close to you – along with the rest of the Blogosphere, I’ll be posting more details as they come. And when they get a venue in Los Angeles, you bet I’ll be there.

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  1. The movie will be opening in LA and NYC on March 4, with a wider, national release on March 11. I had the opportunity to attend a screening in Seattle on Monday. I highly recommend it to everyone, regardless of your opinion about the war. There were two soldiers on hand, along with the Director, Michael Tucker, for a Q&A afterwards. Both soldiers told the audience they they want their friends and families to see this movie b/c it is a true representation of their experiences in Iraq. As I’ve told others, it will make you think, laugh and cry. These two articles published by The Seattle Times on Tuesday give you a bit more information on the film, the Director, and some of the lives it has already touched. See it.

    “Gunner Palace lets soldiers tell the story”:

    “War documentary lets dad share in son’s final days”:

    Also see the movie website:

    “Gunner Palace”:

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