Someone Seems To Be Listening…

I’m sitting in a hotel room in Vancouver, listening to the TV. And the ad for the Toronto Globe and Mail comes on and says… “It’s not just news, it’s a conversation…”

Mr. Jarvis, did you write that??

4 thoughts on “Someone Seems To Be Listening…”

  1. Welcome to my country. Given the time of year, that’s definitely the right part of my country to be sitting in!

    I suppose I ought to add that there may a worse paper in Canada for actually promoting a conversation than the classicly provincial central Canadian Toryism and recycled conventional wisdom of the Globe & Mail. There may be – but if so, I don’t know who. Nice to see that their marketing guys get it, but I’d be shocked if any of that actually filtered up to the paper.

  2. Actually, the original quote is that it is markets that are becoming conversations. As I’ve noted here at WoC from time to time, the best articulation of that is the Cluetrain Manifesto.

    What has happened to the MSM is that blogs and the Internet more generally has forced market conditions on them. As a result, the MSM are trying to hop on the conversation train – witness their “question of the day” polls, discussion boards etc.

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