The People United … Can Never Be Defeated (II)

I assume that if you read this blog you probably read others – including Iraq the Model, the blog of the brothers Omar and Mohammed who I met in Los Angeles and Boston last year.

But in the slight case that you don’t, please go check out Mohammed’s post yesterday, Part I of Blogging vs. Terror:

bq.. The broadcasted confessions of Syrian elements who work for the intelligence give a clue about what’s being planned for Lebanon.

Some of us got panicked by the scenes and the statements of those butchers but one guy from the team said “we will strike back through blogs” I agreed with his words so I told my friends about a short conversation I had with someone a few months ago; that person said that terrorists have the capability to prepare video clips for their operations and have them broadcasted on the web in less than 48 hours.

Well, that’s fine, now we’re going to expose the terrorists and their evil doings and show it to the public opinion in Iraq and the world in a matter of few hours or even sometimes in minutes and the world then will hear our voice first before the terrorists can get their ugly voice out.

Most of the terror activities are run from bases in Syria and a few other places outside Iraq but the future blogs will be here right on the event spot itself. The people will have the ability to show their activities and thoughts and publish them faster and more often than the idiotic terrorists and this way the people (the freedom lovers) will feel stronger and more united and this can make them even more determined to confront the threats.

We’ve already seen this happening in a limited manner through the number of blogs that are linked to by the friends of democracy website; they were able to get the news to the readers way faster than the media did.

One blog has exposed a few aspects of the crimes of the Syrian regime against the Kurds in Syria and today, one blogger from Najaf was the 1st source to publish pictures for some terrorists trying to enter the Iraqi lands from Saudi Arabia.

We used to have a chant at demonstrations back in the 70’s…

“The people united … can never be defeated.”

I don’t think I really knew what that meant until recently.

All of my views on appropriate policies in the Middle East and elsewhere have been predicated on the notion that the majority of the people there have been living behind doors, heads ducked down, while mad murderous thugs battled for and held on to power.

I believed that if we could back down the thugs – even for just a while – that the dentists and lawyers and plumbers would reassert their ownership of civil society and marginalize the thugs.

I believe that even more today.

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