5 thoughts on “Now This Is Interesting…”

  1. I don’t believe in coincidences. How is it you came to begin asking about Akbar on the same day “Fox News”:http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,153490,00.html has a new story about his trial? Was this research you were doing or is this, indeed, coincidental.

    The AOL email address in question doesn’t come up anywhere in a search. The only place I can find he name Quran Bilal is on this site (via Google) and a death penalty “abolishinist”:http://venus.soci.niu.edu/~archives/ABOLISH/rick-halperin/apr03/0201.html site in Texas.

    I don’t know… From what I have turned up on searches and read of her comments on this site; I would say that if it is, in fact, Akbar’s mother posting those comments then it is inconsequential because they add no new information to the case.

  2. We actually had a self-described al-Qaeda sympathizer commenting on one of my older posts awhile back.

    Say what you will about WoC, we seem to attract the most interesting people …

  3. Well i am still a little staggered that Mrs Bilal’s “They deserved to be murdered” defence was allowed to stand un-edited. While responses were censored and even deleted for inappropriate tone?

    I like this site. Every day it gives us an update on the truth of what is really going on in the world.
    What is the bloody point though? If you are going to delete and censor us for calling it, as you show it to us, why did you ever bother informing us in the first place?

  4. A.L., that same commentator appeared in the comments soon after the initial post, along with another using the term “brother” which I found ambiguous of course.

    I believe that the case was in the news in the last day or two.

  5. Monty, it’s not hard to understand, but I’ll explain again for you.

    If you read my threads, you’ll know that I really dislike it when people substitute attacks on other commenters for argument. You had a point to make about Bilal’s lame apology, but you claoked it insarcasm and a personal attack.

    I don’t know if the commenter is Akbar’s mother. If it is, I’m, happy to have a somewhat dispassionate discussion about what might have created such a being as Hassan Akbar. There’s actually a good discussion ot have about that.

    But I don’t believe in blood guilt, and the anger and even hatred that might be appropriately directed at Hassan Akbar are sorely misplaced when they are directed at – even a shadow of – his family.

    So wrap yourself in a victim cloak if you choose to, but if you want to know why your comment got pulled read it – I emailed it back to you.


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