Family News…

Just a moment to waste your time and publicly brag about members of my family (and maybe point you at a neat film).

Today, Middle Guy graduates from high school. He had an amazing run, did well academically and in his activities – but most of all, managed to build himself a cadre of incredible and admirable friends. I tend to judge people a lot by who they surround themselves with – and in his case that judgement is overwhelmingly positive. They are headed off to universities all over the country, from Harvard and West Point (yes, Robin is going to get one of them) to Berkeley and U.C. San Diego, which is where he’ll be headed.

I couldn’t be happier or prouder for him today.

And TG was out last night watching herself in a documentary – “The Grace Lee Project.” It sounds delightful and fun, as Korean-American filmmaker Grace Lee decided to do a documentary on all the Grace Lees she could find.

TG is a wonderful woman, and I’m a lucky guy, and now she’s famous!!

4 thoughts on “Family News…”

  1. Congratulations AL – raising and providing for a child up to this point is a major accomplsihment don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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