Talk Like A Pirate Day

Only two things to say, matey:

Gekko Enterprises has taken a majority position in your company, and will be electing a new board of directors.

Manny Perry.

2 thoughts on “Talk Like A Pirate Day”

  1. aaarrrr… eev been talkin’ like a pirate on Fark fer hours matey, its aboot time someone did here, pass the grog and spleef …

  2. Bartholomew Roberts’ articles of piracy, updated for the nonce:

    I. Every man shall have an equal vote in affairs of moment. He shall have an equal title to the fresh provisions, strong liquors, and mp3s at any time seized, and shall use them at pleasure unless a scarcity may make it necessary for the common good that a retrenchment may be voted.

    II. Each man shall keep his piece, cutlass, pistols, and file-sharing software at all times clean and ready for action.

    III. Every man who shall become a cripple or lose a limb in the service shall have 800 pieces of eight from the common stock and for lesser hurts proportionately.

    IV. The musicians shall have rest on the Sabbath Day only by right. On all other days by favour only.

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