Liveblogging Galloway

It’s 6:45 an there are maybe 150 people in the church; there weren’t enough people out front to leaflet…the three of us will try while folks are on the way out.

Our pewmates are unhappy with the turnout, but maybe Los Angeles is just fashionably late.

I’ll update as the evening progresses.

7:00 Now about 275…

7:15 Now about 350, and I just got an emergency call and have to bail. No choice…have to choose parenthood. Crap…Flap will report.

3 thoughts on “Liveblogging Galloway”

  1. You surely missed little,

    He blamed all Muslim-related problems on the Jews and the Bush family relationship to the Saudis. Then he signed books and listened to the cash registers.


    Uncle J

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