My Early Christmas Present

Here’s what I just bought myself for Christmas:


…a 2004 KTM 950 Adventure. And I didn’t even have to go to Oregon to get it.

11 thoughts on “My Early Christmas Present”

  1. And to think of how many Yuletide Tryptamine Deluxe packages you could have gotten from…

    Still a sweet bike though – Napoleon would be proud – I had a friend who just sold a KMT as he just wasn’t using it enough since he went back to CCAC. Good riding!

  2. Nice. No training wheels.
    Always wear leathers, boots, gloves and a full coverage helmet. You are valuable to us !

  3. You hide behind decadently festive clothing and sew lies of magic to children! Shame on you! Why dont you stay in your snow exile and sip your Delerium Noel beside a shoddy stove-pipe stove, heating the stable-stunk air that you so greedily draw into those hideous Western nostrils?

  4. Hey, Mookie…

    Not bad, inventive even, but there’s a rhythm to these things. Go and study more of Kim Jong-Il’s rhetoric, and work on that flow. You can thank me later.

    Also, consider buying a bike. I hear chicks dig the bikes – and if you lay it down bravely in front a semi, there’s 36 women in it for you.*

    They aren’t virgins, but you can thank me for that later, too.

    I would recommend avoiding orange color schemes, though. Or yellow. It’s really hard to look suitably badass on an orange or yellow bike, unless you’re a chick.

    (* = when you walk around in your bad-boy leathers with the shades and lie about how you got those injuries on your bike, that is)

  5. Purty! Congrats!! The hubby told me I wasn’t allowed to buy any motorcycles on eBay until I get the one I’ve got running again… additional motivation!

  6. …and remember, anything that can accelerate/roll/bounce/fly/slide/spin/swing/run/walk/crawl out in front of you WILL.

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