Happy Thanksgiving

Today is a day for family and friends; I’m about to start helping cook for my family (we’re eating at my brother’s house), and since many of my friends are here at this site (some of whom agree with me and some of whom knock me on the head regularly), I thought I’d take a moment and wish you all a wonderful day, close to those you love, and with a spirit of gratitude for all that we share.

To those here in town who can’t be home on Thanksgiving – from those who save lives to those who check groceries – each of us ought to send our appreciation.

And finally, to those who can’t be home for Thanksgiving because you are wearing uniforms and walking through dangerous places with funny names, please know that I’m deeply thankful for you and for your service.

I’ll be offline until Sunday night – we’re headed to the mountains with some friends tomorrow early – but will find my recipe for turkey chili and get it posted today, if I can.

Best wishes to all, and I’m very grateful to be part of the push and pull that takes place here and elsewhere in the blogs.

Time to turn off the computer!

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