I’m Outtie For The Year

Tomorrow at 0-dark-30 we’re out to celebrate polluting the world by taking a family road trip to the mountains and skiing (and in one case, boarding); I’m spending some of my Pajamas gelt on a week in Mammoth with Tenacious G and all three of the boys. I’ll miss all you folks, but I’d miss it even more if my sons grew up without me and my wife met me at the door and asked who I was.

Have a wonderful holiday – whether Chanukah, Christmas, Eid or Kwaanza (or any other I may have left out, including feed-Cthulu-day and the Pastafarian Holiday). Enjoy your family and friends, and remember that while all the stuff in the world is damn serious, so is your daily life. It’s just plain hard to save the world if your own life is in the toilet.

See you in the New Year, and best to all of you – especially the men and women sleeping on cots in far away lands.

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