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Dave Johnson, of Seeing The Forest has started a specialist blog called ‘Smelling the Coffee‘ which states it’s “About coffee, coffee shops, wireless & atmosphere, and blogging. Oh, and dogs.”

This could be the time to mention that I don’t drink coffee, and that one of my favorite books is Mark Helprin’s “Memoir from an Antproof Case” – which is about a man who is (legitimately) psychopathic about coffee.

And coffee, of course, a drug, a filthy, malodorous poison and entirely destructive addiction, has vanquished the human soul, spoiled innocence, and destroyed childhood. It is virtually omnipotent: I have never convinced anyone, no even one person, not to drink it.

Even in the face of this, I grind beans and make coffee for TG in the morning (Peet’s French Roast). And Starbucks makes rocking hot cocoa – I order a “nonfat, no-whip, no vanilla” – try it, you’ll like it. So I’m – sadly – a victim of coffee culture too. Which means I’ll have to read the blog – and you should, too.

6 thoughts on “The Evil That Coffee Does – A Blog”

  1. I love coffee. Capuccino addict.
    I also make my own choc drink from raw cocoa powder and a little artificial sweetener. (i.e. Low kilojoule/calorie).

    I like traditional cafés.
    I hate drinking coffee out of cardboard.
    I hate standing around waiting for my coffee when I could be sitting at my table reading a newspaper or talking to a beautiful companion while a waiter/waitress brings me my coffee.
    Starbucks to me is a coffee supermarket not a café.

  2. Coffee comes from the same drug familiy as cocaine.

    Luckily for the coffee growers cocaine tea is illegal. And cocaine extract? Fuggedaboudit. Coffee extract? Over the counter.

    Initially when coffee was introduced to the west it was treated about the same as we treat cocaine today. Coffee houses had the same connotation as crack houses today.

    Heck there was a time when drinking tea could get you the death penalty.

    Rum is not the only drug that once had demons.

  3. Coffee is good. It has always been good. If will always be good, despite the puritanical efforts to prove otherwise.

    Motto: Just because coffee is good, doesn’t mean it is bad for you.

  4. I read – or started – MFAC years ago. Very entertaining, and yes, I’m a regular coffee drinker too.

    I love that quote:

    “It is virtually omnipotent: I have never convinced anyone, no even one person, not to drink it.”

    The logic is unassailable.

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