A Contest Worth Entering

Surfing around this morning, I stumbled on an interesting milblog – “The Will To Exist” – self-described as ‘a deist transhumanist libertarian minarchist citizen soldier’s blog.’

You ought to check it out.

One thing they are doing, which we’ll support pretty fervently, is running

…an essay contest open to soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines serving with Multi-National Force Iraq (anywhere in the country of Iraq). If you left MNF-I within the last year, or have orders to MNF-I, or are currently serving here, you’re eligible to enter the contest.

In 500-1000 words, explain why you are in Iraq.

They say

This contest has its genesis in the idea that this war will be won or lost based not on weapons or troop strength but based on public perception. Without the support of the American public, Iraq will not become free.

I say, absolutely right. Which will lead to a longer post on some of the issues I’ve raised in the past re the current Administration and their shortcomings.

2 thoughts on “A Contest Worth Entering”

  1. I totally agree. See this related post re Google’s recent move in China. Could be though they are doing this with a “wink and a nod” sincetha there are plenty of workarounds to this system filtering.



    GOOGLE – Gag me with a spoon!

    See my following comment at RLS that includes a portion of my post re the Spirit of America’s new annoymous blogging tool in Arabic, Farsi, and Chinese. These work arounds may be more productive.


    The War of Information – Spirit of America
    HT Spirit of America

    Great work again by Spirit of America to foster the free flow of news/info on the Net.

    Now only if certain US based IT giants e.g., IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Texas Instruments, Cisco, and Motorola and the others who know who they are, would support the home team once in a while in the GWOT. Remember the Soviet Union began to crack with the spread of Xerox machines. A little white hacking of regime software/hardware would be patriotic too!

    Not only do these companies have a vested economic interest in the outcome of the GWOT, they need to be reminded that their profits are dependent on a level playing field in a free economy. This level playing field is largely supported by the full faith and credit of the United States of America backed by the force projection of the US Military. The costs of which are largely borne by the American taxpayer.

    And finally let’s not overlook the strategic importance of Western Rock Music! President MAD made a fatal decision recently by banning Western music from the Iranian Joyless Generation. Bad karma!

    The stragetic means by which the GWOT will be won, is not by military force alone, but by winning the War of Information.

    The followers of Islamofascism must be clearly shown that it is a failed/doomed ideology from the 6th thru 12th Century that has no place in the modern civilized world without a period of reformation or enlightenment.

    See the other thread today where the Religion of Peace (RoP) is used as a justification for the hanging yet again of a 17 year old Iranian girl. This time for killing her attacker in what amounted to a gang rape!

    Islamofascism’s principal failure is, unlike as set forth in the US Constitution, it does not recognize the universal truth of the free will of MEN and WOMEN!


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