I Can’t Not Blog This…

From LA Biz Observed:

Yes, it’s true – being a multimillionaire means having “more adventurous and exotic” sex lives, according to a survey out today by Prince & Associates. The survey, which polled nearly 600 men and women with net worths of more than $30 million and a mean net worth of $89 million, found that 63 percent of the men and 88 percent of the women said wealth gave them better sex.

I’m going back to work now. I’ll be working in the office later than usual tonight…

10 thoughts on “I Can’t Not Blog This…”

  1. A bit of man bites dog news here. If some guys here want to experinece in miniature what this is about, take a year off, spend it in Thailand.

    The interesting statistic is that wealthy women are 2 times likely to cheat as wealthy men.

    IF this is true – THAT is definitely great fodder for conversation. What does it mean, as it upends the normal understanding that women are less likely to cheat than men. Why does money change that?

  2. Word, truthprobe. Just ask Hugh Grant… oh, wait, I guess he’s the exception that proves the rule about money leading to better sex.

    AL, did that survey say anything about having a boat? My unscientific observations reveal that yacht = boat babes, and seem to work more reliably than sports cars et. al.

  3. Heard an interesting discussion about why famous sexy male movie stars pay for prostitutes. (Hugh Grant?)

    They don’t pay for sex. They can get all the sex they want for free. What they are paying for is for her to go away afterwards.

  4. There could be some causation here.

    The skillset that can lead to wealth has a significant overlap with the skillset that can enable a man to succeed with the most desirable women. i.e., such a man would do well even in college, long before he actually acquires wealth.

    Such skills include :

    Social Likability
    The Courage to take risks
    Strong communication skills
    An Ethic of Continual Self-improvement
    The determination to constantly aim higher

    … and many others.

    Men with these skills often both attain wealth and succeed with women (again, even before attaining wealth).

  5. No one has commented on this:

    “The most surprising result found that nearly three-quarters of the women surveyed said they had had affairs, compared with 50 percent of the men.”

    If true THAT is the more interesting story.

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