Ricky Jay And His 52 Assistants

Just back from Westwood, where we saw Ricky Jay’s show.

Amazing – just amazing. He made a deck of cards do everything but sing bad folk songs.

About two minutes in, I just gave up on trying to understand how he was doing it, and went with the flow. Until, that is……he mentioned in passing something he’d said to someone “last month as we were playing a game of hold ‘em.”


3 thoughts on “Ricky Jay And His 52 Assistants”

  1. Uh, no. He’d deal you three aces and a king, get you to go all in, deal you a second king, get you to write a check for everything you have in the bank, raise you back, get you to bet your wife plus your kid’s kidneys, and then fill in his royal flush.

    He’d cash the check, too…


  2. Another card magician – John Scarne – gave this as his reason for not playing high-stakes p****r: “If I win, they think I cheated; if I lose, they think I am a lousy P****r player.”

    (Apparently, I can’t use the name of that game; it’s on some kind of “blacklist” for these comments)

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