8 thoughts on “IraqSlogger Peeks Out Of the Closet”

  1. One would almost have to be impartial to add Rall at this point. Surely even the slightest moral inclination would turn you against the man, regardless of the direction to which that inclination lay.

  2. Kate over at SDA started the new year with a declaration that she was going to provide a more balanced commentary. I can’t really say “it didn’t last long” because it didn’t happen at all.

    Telling someone that you’re making an attempt at balance is a bit like saying “Can I be honest with you?”

  3. Maybe I missed it, AL, ’cause I haven’t followed the “IraqSlogger” story much at all. Where has Eason Jordan committed to, or even as little as suggested, being impartial? I used Firefox’s Find on their AboutUs page and got as far as “im” before it turned red.

    Seems to me, even with their short existence, they would have covered more than “one story”:http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=impartial+site%3Awww.iraqslogger.com&btnG=Google+Search where the word was used by now, even if they don’t use it themselves.

    I don;t mean to imply they have an aversion to the word impartial, but I do think they will not let impartiality get in the way of reknown and making money. That’s not to say I think they don’t have some respect for some aspect of impartiality.

    By the same token, I don’t think urging impartiality is a good thing, necessarily. That urging gave us such things as the groupthink epitomized by Jennings’ ‘the media should be uninvolved spectators in the ambush of American troops’. And the ‘impartial media’ trope has lulled the public into thinking it not only true but necessary.

    Instapundit linked to a Chicago Boyz post “here”:http://chicagoboyz.net/archives/004686.html that might be good to use as an overlay in thinking about traditions as they relate to the media that might be good for a post of its own.

  4. Dusty,

    Bring that on! I think too much has been made of impartiality in the media and that has led to things like the fairness doctrine.

    An impartial media had a short life and even when it was alive wasn’t so impartial as its audience did not care to hear another view which at that time consisted of Ayn Rand, The John Birch Society (hehehe I live a couple blocks from their HQ), and that upstart WJ Buckley JR & Company.

    I think the high cost to national publication & broadcasting forced a budweiser media on us and we took it too seriously. Now, we have the Internet, cable, and satellite with a plethora to choose from. Not only can we choose what we want, it is now easy for schmoes like us on a sixpack budget to have readership the world over.

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