Lenovo Update

I’m almost ashamed that I did the Lenovo post yesterday…

Dear Mr. Danziger,

I apologize that I was not able to return your call earlier this afternoon, we
experienced very high call volumes and I had to lend a hand.

I was able to get your order transmitted to our warehouse, and its in the
procurement, development, and configuration stage now. I have also
requested it added to a “critical hot order list”, which prioritizes your order
over other customers waiting for the same system. I should have an
updated ESD (Estimated Ship Date) by tomorrow afternoon for you. Once
received, I will give you a call.

Once again, I apologize I was not able to give you a call.

Well, that’s a good start.

6 thoughts on “Lenovo Update”

  1. Don’t discount your post, AL. Perhaps she is a new WoC reader.

    I did like the “procurement, development and configuration stage” descriptor for where your ‘puter is now. Maybe it will fly literally in addition to figuratively.

  2. Lenovo are web-savvy. Their design team have a great blog themselves, so I’m sure they’ve got a Google Alert and Technorati search going for their brand at all times to keep on top of burgeoning complaints before they blossom into full-fledged PR disasters.

  3. Amazing,
    I have 30 T60 Lenovos that arrived here two weeks ago. I guess it may depend on who you work for and how many they’ve ordered.

  4. “critical hot order list”

    I was put on that list around the middle of August for my July 24th order. Ship date, as I said, September 13. Hold not your breath.

  5. My company (a large one) recently switched from Dell to Lenovo for laptops. Dell’s order management was good, and their service was great. The laptops themselves performed well, but in the 2.5 years I had my last one (a mammoth D-800), I had a hard drive fail, the keyboard replaced, and based on my previous knowledge of Dell hard drive sounds, a second drive failure was imminent. When I started getting these weird blue screen parity error messages, my boss decided it was time to get me a new T60p.

    Ordering was backlogged, but I finally got it. My order apparently went in late in the backlog because I only had to wait a few weeks. Some of our new hires were waiting _months_.

    You’ll love the T60p…it’s _almost_ worth the wait.

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