My Weekend

So in case anyone wondered how I spent my weekend…


And on Highway 33 at sunset:


I had no laptop, so no Memorial Day post on the day itself. Tonight…

10 thoughts on “My Weekend”

  1. You “respect the dead” by respecting their lives and ensuring that they don’t die for lies, One-Armed. You are concerned about my “vandalism” of your site, while at the same time you feel no compunction about your support for a war that is killing them for no good reason. You and your kind are beneath contempt….so don’t expect me to show you anything but.

  2. It’s OK, Capotal, it’s definitely mutual. It’s been enjoyable to read about the runup to World War II and the mental gymnastics your intellectual ancestors went through – it’s striking at how parallel they are. There is something in an anomic intellectual that loves a thug, isn’t there? Just one question – and it’s genuinely interesting to have you around so you can enlighten us – is there any brutal thug in the world who you wouldn’t support over the US?

    But here’s the deal, Big C. This place is about discussion and debate, not invective. So you’re welcome to participate and show us all the error of our ways – as long as it’s done in the context of a debate about real information and without the level of abuse and ad hominem you seem so fond of.

    You’re welcome to stick around and show us all the error of our ways; but if the future posts look like the past ones – in tone and invective – you’ll find the door locked.

    My house, my rules. You’re welcome to start you own blog to make sure we all get the benefit of your insights. And if you want to leave a real email, I send you the comments I deleted from the post above.


  3. “But here’s the deal, Big C. This place is about discussion and debate, not invective.”

    Oh really? Do Barney and Jim Rockford from the deleted thread know this? You clearly have a hard time disguishing the two, as do your “intellectual ancestors” in repressive and totalitarian regimes throughout history. I’m the real, freedom loving American patriot here whose willing to say what has to be said even in the face of ridicule and hatred, not you.

    (Try this email address…)

  4. Are their comments still up?

    Yes, yes, you’re a freedom loving American and we’re all closet Nazis, right, right. Let’s stipulate that and move on, OK? Seriously, look at the threads and find out how things are done here. Talk to Andrew Lazarus or even hypocracyrules. Figure it out and stick around, or don’t … and don’t.

    I don’t see an email address in your post.


  5. How can you have a website called windsofchange, and then post about how you are riding your bike.

    I expected something a little more informing, and less…bikes and such.

    And your comments make no sense. I was expecting bike comments, and I got bull from people I don’t care about. Do something with your life.

    Thank you…rock out.

  6. AL, I am proud to share Torrance with you., Would love to go for a ride with you sometime but I ride a Triumph America, it might be tough to keep up on those curves.

    love your response to both capatol and levi. you are a class act.

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