Memorial Day 2007


South High is about a mile from my house.South%20High%202.JPG

My sons graduated from there, and Middle Guy graduated in 2005.


He wasn’t friends with Joseph Anzak, Jr. who was captured two weeks ago and was then killed in Iraq. He played football at South while Middle Guy debated. But Anzak’s parents were at PTA meetings with us, went to the same Starbucks, shopped at Ralphs with us.

Please never doubt for a second that I see the the real costs of our policies; I can only ask that people who disagree with our policies be as aware of the costs of the alternatives.

2 thoughts on “Memorial Day 2007”

  1. You know, Capotal, I think your graffiti here – in what should be a place where even people who share your views ought to simply show respect to the dead – is just too annoying, so I’m going to do something I may regret.

    I’ll email your posts to you, and you’re free to repost them on a thread where we talk about the politics of the war, and not the very real costs of it.

    I’ll also email other posters their posts, if they in fact have real emails, and close the thread out of respect to the dead – who gave their lives so we can have discussions like this one.


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