A Thank You To My Son

On this Thanksgiving, I have a lot to be thankful for…TG, my dear and close friends scattered all over the country (and even the world), our home, work, and most of all today – our sons. Littlest Guy is sitting at the table with me reading the paper, Middle Guy is sleeping in after a hard night of barroom trivia competition (I went out with him and his friends and tried to help – we still got skunked by his high school teachers), and we just this minute got another call from Biggest Guy in Afghanistan.

I’d known that his company was hit by several IED’s over the weekend, lost two and had several wounded – some seriously enough to be sent to Germany. He’s OK, sounding a little sad on the phone between the laughs, and concerned that I know he’s OK and safe and that he and his team are taking good care of each other.

I know they are, and I’m so incredibly thankful today for his team, for the fact that he’s part of a web of loyal, fierce and tough men who watch out for him as they watch out for each other.

And even more, I’m thankful to my son and all of those with him for answering their heart’s call and country’s need and being willing to put themselves at risk – body and soul – to protect us, for a cause that they believe in and hope that we all do as well.

Thank you, all the sons and daughters out there in uniform today. Today each of you has hundreds of millions of parents, and today each of us sitting at home has hundreds of thousands of absent children that we care deeply about and wish were home, safe, with us.

And, simply, thank you, son.

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