Climate Homework

So since I’m actually interested in this, I’ve been working up my plans to dig a level deeper into the state of climate research.

The first round will be pretty straightforward; I’m going through IPCC WG1 AR4 Report and pulled out the chapter on the “Historical Overview of Climate Change Science” (pdf). The plan is to pull out the papers cited in this chapter and review the availability of the supporting data and models.

As a side note, I’ll try and assemble pro and con commentary on the papers so we can see what the state of play looks like.

This is going to be a fair amount of work; it would be (shockingly) sped up pretty substantially if I could get people to help. I’ll have a list of papers up over the weekend…

2 thoughts on “Climate Homework”

  1. Hi AL,

    Long time no post. I am trying to get some reading done on the AR4, and follow the IT side of this as well (i.e., Harry Readme hints at a real rats nest of poor software controls at this ‘shop’).

    Anyway, you may find
    “this medical research article”:
    of some interest.

    It came out in 2005 and makes some interesting points via statistical analysis about how/why many research findings in modern (medical) science are wrong. I think the corollaries in the article apply to the IPCC quite well.

    I suspect this group has fallen into several of the scientific traps outlined in the article as well as several data processing gotcha’s as well. I am holding judgment on fraud, evil totalitarian plot, etc. until this unfolds more.

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