In this week’s L.A. Weekly (I was looking for a plastic surgeon, outcall escort, and a restaurant for dinner Saturday night…), Marc Cooper, no friend of the Republican party, goes after our education first, second and third Governor Skybox.
A sample:

But on the moral test of his own administration, the governor simply flunks out. Davis’ response to the lawsuit has been to stonewall the issue, prolong the case, run up a gigantic legal tab to the benefit of some of his powerhouse campaign contributors, and allow little Johnny to twist slowly, slowly in the wind.
For anyone who doubts the state of our schools, I recommend a review of a recent Harris survey of California public school teachers, which can be found on the Web at Of 6 million public school students in the state, 19 percent attend schools where at least a fifth of the teachers are uncredentialed, 32 percent go to schools without enough textbooks to be taken home for study, and 32 percent find classrooms either uncomfortably hot or cold. A million students deal with closed or non-working bathrooms, and nearly 2 million California students share classrooms with roaches, mice or rats.

Maybe it’s all a plot to get us to vote for vouchers? Woodchipper, anyone?


  1. Date: 06/29/2002 00:00:00 AM
    I can’t stand Davis, but I wonder what those criticisms actually represent. Uncredentialled teachers aren’t necessarily bad teachers, for example, and even in the fabulous fifties, in the very best schools, we had days where the temperature was unbearable or a loo was out of order. Why, this was true even at my pricey private girls’ school in 1966. Is it really being suggested that this only happens in 32% of CA public schools? I am amazed!

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