Just went over to Amazon, and realized that I have links to them and should check and see…wow!! I’ve made $5.85!! I can’t quite justify this to the bank holding the mortgage as real work, but that’s still kinda cool. And we’ve had about 8,800 unique visitors to date; at this rate, we’ll hit 10,000 next weekend, in time for the two-month anniversary. That’s really exciting…
And mostly, it’s the 500-some emails that I’ve received; I’ve definitely met and corresponded with some good folks.
Let’s see what the next two months holds.
I don’t know how other folks do it, but I have a Word document with notes for blogs that I keep updating. Here’s the list (I make no promises about what I’m actually going to write about!):
– Finish Shooting and Mindfulness
– Fine-Grained Politics (what I called ‘Little League’ politics)
– redo 4th Generation Liberalism re Public Health and Education
– Bourgeois vs. BoBo values
– Gun Regulation
– Workable Cities
…and current events (especially when Skybox Davis does something stupid).
Work calls.

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