Saved By Technology

It’s 11:00 pm, and Middle Guy (who just got a brilliant almost-perfect report card, and pretty darn good SAT scores as well) is wrapping up a study group in his bedroom downstairs. He’s got two friends over, prepping for a math test tomorrow.

They’re playing their music kinda loud (small objects on my office floor are rattling), and I’d like them to turn it down; but they won’t hear me from the top of the stairs, and they’re on the phone (both lines, it appears) getting outside help, so I can’t call…I may actually have to walk downstairs and knock on his door.
…wait! I can IM him!

him: Turn what down? I can’t hear you, the music is too loud…
me: OK, I’m shutting down the router then.
him: NOOOOO! Ok, I’ll turn it down…

…and he did. Order is restored within the household, thanks to internet messaging protocols.

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