Well, I Asked For Dialog…

Backtracking through Technorati (which I do once a day), I came upon a post on a blog called ‘Osama Bin Laden Is Winning‘ about my dialog with Calpundit.The author took intelligent issue with my prescription for perseverance as a path to success; I commented, and he replied, suggesting I read his essay on terrorism.

I did, and think that we agree in a broad set of areas, and disagree in others – and definitely think that a dialog would be productive. I was going to make these points on a comment on his blog, but thought a post would send some other readers his way, and open a broader dialog.I only have the mental/temporal capacity for one dialog at a time, so I have to move the Calpundit discussion ahead a bit before I really engage here. I’d like to suggest that folks go over and take a look, and that the author, who goes by ‘obliw’ take a look at some of my older stuff on terrorism as well.

At Armed Liberal:

Romanticism & Terrorism

Terrorism Pt. 1

The War on Bad Philosophy

Here at WoC

On Being a Liberal Hawk

It’s Not a ‘Schtick,’ Kevin

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